Our mobile games began with a simple question from a Springfield, MO customer, “Could you come to us?” After some talking and thinking it we agree that it would not be in anyone’s best interest to tear apart someone’s facilities for a one time event but our creative juices were flowing. Rather than the typical “Escape the Room” concept we made a 15 minute high pressure scenario where the participants have to work together to complete an objective before time expires.

Our first game was a murder mystery where you have to find objects hidden in the room, open locked boxes, find a murder weapon and find the killer before he/she found you. We took this scenario to a Comic-Con event at a local college and had a great time.

Afterwards we built a bomb scenario. In this case the participants are given 15 minutes to solve clues, open a briefcase and diffuse the bomb before time ends and the bomb goes off. Securing the C4 for this game was a real chore 😉

After an update to the murder mystery we took these games to a couple of different events and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We have found that the participants are enjoying the the mobile games from several different sides. Here are a few of their responses:

  • Quick, exciting, fun
  • High intensity
  • Cost effective for a large group
  • Simple and easy for you to come to us
  • Great introduction to an Escape Event
  • Challenging!
  • It was a group effort


***At this time the mobile games are only available at our Springfield location, but if you are interested we would be happy to provide you with an experience as well! Fill out the contact form below to receive more details!


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