As a long time collector of antiques, you have had your eye on the Star Aurora of Malanje, a 4 inch diameter diamond, for a long time.  Another Antique Collector recently acquired the Star Aurora for his collection. You know his security system can be hacked and wont reset for one hour. You broke into his study. You and your team must find the Star Aurora before the alarm resets, trapping you from escaping.

Grand Larceny is the most challenging experience we have at Entrap Omaha with only 15% of groups managing to get out in less than an hour (and using three or fewer clues)! While it doesn’t have the thrilling story line that draws guests in like LiCastro’s or Off Limits, Grand Larceny does place you in the shoes of a master thief, breaking into an antiquarian’s study to steal a fabulous jewel.

As our most recently-built room, Grand Larceny has the least number of old-school combination locks out of all our escape experiences. The room has mostly observation-based puzzles, which have proven to be an extra challenge identifying and deciphering for everyone who has gone through this room already! Anyone going through Grand Larceny should definitely prepare to closely scrutinize the room and weed out red herrings in order to find the diamond and escape!

If you think you’re ready for our ultimate challenge, book your Grand Larceny experience today!

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