You and your friends have booked the vacation of a lifetime: an extravagant trip to Brazil during Carnival. You’ve planned for a week of fun in the sun and letting loose at wild parties. Everything is going fabulously ’til one night when you feel a sharp pain on the back of your head.

When you wake up, you’re handcuffed and everything is pitch black. You feel a soft cloth tied over your eyes. “So you’ve finally awoken,” you hear a voice across the room say. “Good. I’ve contacted your family to pay your ransom. I’d hate to lose out on those precious American dollars if you were somehow…damaged.”

You hear your captor laugh cruelly as they exit the room. “Oh, and don’t go anywhere,” he chuckles. ” I’ll be back in an hour with my hound’s leftover scraps for your lunch. Don’t go dying on me in the meantime!” You hear the door slam and his footsteps fade as he walks away.

Currently our only “easy” level room, Ransom isn’t so easy that groups of all levels of expertise can’t have a great time! As the premise implies, the entire party is handcuffed and blindfolded before being led into the room. Once the timer starts, you can remove your blindfold, but can you find the hidden key to remove your handcuffs?! We’ve had some groups find the key with ease, but others end up completing the room still cuffed!

Ransom is also our most active and hands-on room, where most of the puzzles are task-based: meaning that once you complete a task, you are awarded with a code to open a lock. With some steps and an adult-sized tunnel to climb through, Ransom isn’t the best room for anyone with limited mobility, but can be a great room for families with younger kids who’d normally be bored in more static rooms.

Are you up for the challenge? Book your kidnapping in Ransom today!

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